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Company: Has Gida Sanai ve Ticaret A.S.
Address: Petrol Ofisi Cad.
34840 Ambarli Istanbul
Tel.: (212) 630 3030
Fax: (212) 690 3038
Field: Ice-cream Factory
Nous's Services: (1993-1994)
Information Technology Network :
  • Revision of information technology network at head office
  • Connecting our East and West Province Directorates to head office
  • Connecting distributors to head office network
  • Codeing of points-of-scale
  • Organising routing and accounting system at points-of-scale
  • Performance determination system at points-of-scale
  • Production and stock control systems
  • Obtention and monitoring of latest statistical information
  • Promptresponse system for telephone calls from point-of-scale
  • Deep freeze cebinet follow-up in respect of availability and technical performance
Automation :
  • Bar codeing all products in compliance with EAN 13 BARCODE
  • Codeing all products and raw materials conform to requirements
  • Automatic bar code reconition of products an conveyor belts
  • Production date and shift number printing on products during transport on conveyor belts Production performance calculation automation
  • Warehouse system automation
  • Vehicle loading automation
  • Personnel monitoring system
  • Vehicle monitoring system
Software :
  • Design of all software system indicated above
Education :
  • Giving periodical education to personnel working in theese systems
  • Promt action and education when required

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